I’m running for the U.S. Congress because I want to fight to restore the pillars of faith, family, and freedom on which the founders established this nation. These pillars have provided a strong foundation, but now they’re in danger. If any one of them falls, we’ll lose our country. In today’s America, the great virtues of limited government, self-reliance, and individual and moral responsibility are being rapidly replaced by reliance on big government. Hand-in-hand with big government come the destructive forces of redistribution and dependency.

We are a Christian nation. Our Constitution guarantees our religious freedom; however, God has been removed from our schools and from the public square. Government benefits have been substituted for fathers in the home, dooming millions of children to failure. States are denied the right to protect the unborn and preserve traditional marriage. Basic freedoms such as gun rights are in jeopardy, and fiscal irresponsibility and environmental overreach are the order of the day. Prosperity through private sector incentives, lower taxes, and less regulation is forgotten. Massive debt mounts as the size of government explodes.

Terrorists within and without threaten our nation. Strong leaders are needed in Washington. Leaders who will do whatever it takes to stop their attempts to destroy our way of life and impose their radical beliefs on us.

We can save our country, but politics as usual won’t get the job done. Career politicians – Republican as well as Democrat – have gotten us into this. We need conservative fighters – who are willing to pay whatever political price is necessary – to restore the pillars of American society and protect us from our enemies.

I’ve made a lot of tough decisions as a public servant and have the scars to show for it. But I’ve always done what I thought was right, and that’s what I’ll do if I’m privileged to serve you in Washington. It’s not about careers and the next election now, it’s about the country.

We can save our nation if we return to limited, Constitutional government and Biblical values, require individual and fiscal responsibility, and allow businesses and individuals freedom to return us to prosperity. There are a number of genuine conservatives in the U.S. House Republican caucus who feel the same way. I’ll join them if you allow me to serve there, and together we’ll enter this fight to restore the pillars of faith, family, and freedom that made our nation great.