Henry Ross announcement tour

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Henry Ross will announce his candidacy for U.S. Representative for Mississippi’s First Congressional District in a district-wide announcement tour on Thursday, March 12, 2015. The itinerary is listed below:

Hernando, 9:00am, at the Desoto County Administration Building, 365 Losher (Lobby)

Corinth, 12noon, at the Alcorn County Courthouse South steps, Square (Inside if raining)

Tupelo, 2:30pm, at the Lee County Public Library, Foster Meeting Room 219 N. Madison (Upstairs)

Columbus, 4:30pm, at the Wingate Motel, 129 Brickerton (Lobby)

We hope to see you there!

In a statement slated for release to the press on March 12, 2015, Henry had this to say concerning his announcement:

“I announce today that I am a candidate for United States Representative, to represent Mississippi’s First Congressional District in the U.S. Congress.

“In today’s America, the great virtues of limited government, self-reliance, and individual and moral responsibility are being rapidly replaced by reliance on big government. Hand-in-hand with big government come the destructive forces of redistribution and dependency.

“Contrary to the Constitution, God has been removed from our schools and from the public square. Government benefits have been substituted for fathers in the home, dooming millions of children to failure. States are denied the right to protect the unborn and preserve traditional marriage. Basic freedoms such as gun rights are in jeopardy, and fiscal irresponsibility and environmental overreach are the order of the day. Prosperity through private sector incentives, lower taxes, and less regulation is forgotten. Massive debt mounts as the size of government explodes.

“The evil of terror confronts us at every turn, seeking to destroy America and our great ally, Israel, while murdering ever- growing numbers of Christians and Jews worldwide. All the while, Washington’s leadership looks on, convening summits and seeking empty promises from Iran.

“America can change directions. We can restore our nation if we return to limited, Constitutional government and Biblical values, require individual and fiscal responsibility, and allow businesses and individuals freedom to bring us back to prosperity. We can protect our nation if we call evil what it is and are not afraid to confront it wherever it may be using whatever means we have to stop it.

“I’m running for Congress because I want to restore the foundations that made America great and to protect this great land. I want to see America and North Mississippi return to prosperity, with good jobs. Anne and I want our children and grandchildren to live among the virtues of limited government, self-reliance, and individual and moral responsibility.

I’ve made a lot of tough decisions as a public servant and have the scars to show for it. But I’ve always done what I thought was right, and that’s what I’ll do if I’m privileged to serve you in Washington. I’m ready to join the fight to restore and protect our great nation in the United States House of Representatives. I ask that you help me get there and together, we can change America.”

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