Conservative Campaign Committee Endorsement Announcement

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CCC Announcement via Facebook below:


We are pleased to announce that CCC PAC has made an official endorsement in the Special Election for Congress in Mississippi-01: Conservative Republican Henry Ross!

Ross is a fantastic constitutional conservative who has an impeccable record and would serve us well in Congress.

Married with three children, Ross is an alumnus of University of Mississippi. Ross honorably served our nation in the U.S. Navy as one of the prestigious U.S. Navy JAG Corps officers. Henry Ross continued his military service in the U.S. Naval Reserve, retiring at the rank of Commander in 2005. Ross was recognized as one of the nation’s Top 3 Naval Reserve JAG Corps officers.

Ross’s service continued when he was elected Mayor of Eupora – a wonderfully picturesque community in Mississippi.

Henry Ross also served with distinction as Assistant District Attorney and was appointed by Mississippi’s governor to the post of Circuit Court Judge.

On top of that, Henry Ross was also appointed to a post in the Justice Department during the George W. Bush administration.

Henry Ross has a life’s record of accomplishment and achievement, and we know he will make an exceptional Member of Congress.

And best of all, Ross has a record of unwavering conservatism, even calling out members of his own party when they have surrendered to liberal ideals or positions.

Electing Henry Ross to Congress will help stiffen the spines of Republicans as they take the fight to repeal, repudiate and undo Barack Obama’s agenda. Ross is a strong supporter of the Tea Party movement and he has declared the following: “I want to restore the pillars of faith, family and freedom on which The Founders established this nation.”

The Special Election for Congress is just a few weeks away and Henry Ross needs our help ASAP to secure victory in this race.


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