Ross Addresses Taxes

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“As tax day winds down, the question is: Have you had enough?
You work hard only to watch much of the money you earn go to pay for endless, big government giveaways.
Looking at it another way, Washington career politicians use your earnings to keep themselves in office. The taxes you work hard to pay fund the giveaways they dole out. In turn, their giveaways win favor, support, and votes from those who benefit from their handouts. The lifeblood of Washington career politicians is the campaign contributions that come from those who profit from big government giveaways. Your money keeps this system working.
So-called Congressional conservatives tell us down here they’ll fight to roll back Washington’s big government. They tout their meaningless votes on bills that will never pass to support their credentials as conservatives. But to please party leaders in Washington and keep their campaign coffers full, they always vote for the budgets and appropriations that keep it all going. These votes are usually out of the sight and minds of average conservative voters.
So, have you had enough?
Washington’s big government ways can only be changed by returning our country to limited, Constitutional government. If we significantly limit government, lower taxes, and honor God and his Word as a nation as our founders did, we will see the explosion of a new era of freedom, prosperity, and blessing from above.
It’s not too late to turn America away from redistribution, dependency, and debt. It’s not too late to return our county to the great virtues of limited government, self-reliance, and individual and moral responsibility.
Our founders had this vision. So did Ronald Reagan. We can too.
It’s not enough just to say we’re pro-life, pro-gun, and want to repeal ObamaCare. Just about every candidate in this race is in favor of these issues. I am too. But the heart of the matter is the size and scope of the federal government.
Real change won’t come until the federal government, its impact on everyday Americans and American business, and its tax burden are significantly reduced. Real change will come as we return the federal government to its Constitutional limits and send power back to the states and the people.
I’m the only candidate who’s talking about this. This is why I’m running for Congress.
If you send me to Washington, I’ll join the real conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives who are fighting for this cause.
Had enough? Are you ready for a change?
If you are, I ask for your vote on May 12th for United States Congress.”

-Henry Ross

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